Facebook Last Posts

Facebook Last Posts
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Version 1.03
Author Barry Dam
License: ImpressPages
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Embed Facebook Posts from your (or any public) Facebook profile using the Facebook Last Posts Widget


The Facebook Last Posts widget will show your (or any other public facebook profile) last wall posts. 


  • Easy to use. Just enter your Facebook page name (e.g. ImpressPages) or Facebook page ID (e.g. ImpressPages id = 216171180878). Find yours at http://findmyfacebookid.com/
  • Select the number of Facebook posts to display.
  • The widget content is crawlable by search engines, adding SEO value to your website. Other Facebook plugins provided by Facebook uses iframes which are not crawlable.
  • Responsive optimized, looks great on any screen size and in any container width.

Fields that will be shown

  • Facebook Profile name and picture
  • Publish date
  • The actual message and if provided a posted picture / link
  • Comment and like count + link to post comments

Image: Widget example


  1. After dowloading, ativate the plugin.
  2. Add your personal Facebook App ID and App Secret.
  3. Done.. you can start dragging your widget!

 Note: You can get a Facebook App ID and App Secret by creating a (free) Facebook app https://developers.facebook.com/apps

Attention: Your server needs to be running on PHP 5.4 or greather.


  1. Drag and drop the fb Last Post widget to the desired location
  2. In the opened modal: Enter the Facebook profile name or profile ID and select the number of posts you want to display. 
  3. After confirming, you're done and the facebook posts will be shown.

Note: Your profile posts need to be publicly accessible. An easy way to determine whether your Facebook page is set to public is to sign out of your Facebook account and try to visit your page. If Facebook forces you to sign in to view your page then it isn't public