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Publishing your theme

Review your new theme

Before starting to package your new theme for publication on ImpressPages Marketplace, make sure that your theme meets theĀ quality guidelines.

It also must have a nice thumbnail which will be shown on ImpressPagesĀ Marketplace and when your theme is installed.

Make the thumbnail without showing the browser interface or revealing any other OS details (start menu, mouse, etc.), and keep the actual size as it is displayed in a browser (not scaled or re-sized).

Recommended dimensions of print-screen isĀ 1000 x 2000 px. It might be a bit smaller or larger if that is important to highlight your theme's beauty, but please try to keep the height twice of the width.

Integrate all required plugins

Theme has to be functional without any additional plugins. But you can provide plugins that enhance functionality and look of the theme. Put all plugins used by your theme inside "plugins" folder of your theme. User will have an option to install these plugins in "Design" tab. Don't archive plugins into a ZIP archive. Copy them exactly as they appear in your ip_plugins dir when you test them including group folder.

Compress using ZIP

When you are confident about the quality of your theme, compress the whole folder of your theme into a ZIP archive. The theme folder has to be named as your theme's name; however all special characters, spaces etc. must be excluded (see the example below). It is recommended to capitalize the first letter of the theme name. ZIP archive must have the same name as the folder of your theme.


Your theme name: My Super Theme
Folder of the theme: MySuperTheme
Zip archive:

Upload archive and set meta data

Upload the created archive using our contribution page. Fill in the required fields and wait for approval from our side.

The License is probably the most important field in the theme upload form. You can choose GPL or MIT license if you want to contribute your theme for free. If you want to sell your theme, choose ImpressPages license. Choose the price of your theme and the percentage you want to contribute to ImpressPages.

If you use 3rd party libraries, make sure their licenses give you the right to distribute them.

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