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Custom Section
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Version 1.01
Author Greybyte
License: MIT and LGPL
Downloads: 2487

Provides editable custom sections (=section based on predefined markup), which can be dragged on to page like regular widgets.


This plugin allows to define editable custom sections, which can be dragged to a page like regular widgets (click image to see animated demo):


  • define custom sections with editable elements
  • handles text, rich text and images
  • define repeatable blocks inside custom sections


Create a folder sections in your theme's directory. Add custom sections by adding a .PHP file for each section.

Define editable areas in custom section like this:

<section class="well-4">
div class="container">
// editable text (inline-level elements only)
     <?php echo $s->text('h3', 'head', 'Latest News')
// editable image
     <?php echo $s->img('myimage', 'images/default.jpg', 99, 99, 'img-circle') ?>
// editable rich text (allows block-level elements)
     <?php echo $s->richtext('div', 'head', '<p>Lorem ipsum<br>dolor sit amet</p>')?>

Note: Full documentation is available at