DataTable Widget

DataTable Widget
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Version 1.00
Author Muralt
License: MIT and LGPL
GIT [email protected]:hmuralt/DataTableWidget.git
Downloads: 3254

This plugin adds a new widget to ImpressPages that can be used to create DataTables using Excel or CSV files.


 Installation Steps:

  1. Upload DataTableWidget directory to your website's Plugin directory.
  2. Login to the administration area. Go to Plugins panel, locate DataTable Widget plugin and click activate button.
  3. Widget is now available and can be used with default settings.



  1. Log in to ImpressPages administration page and open page where widget should be added.
  2. Drag Data table widget from ImpressPages widgets toolbar to your page content area.
  3. In the popup window:
    1. select the source file (cvs, xls, xlsx) with the table data
    2. select the table type
    3. confirm
  4. DataTable should be now displayed on the page

Table types

  1. Log in to ImpressPages administration page and open DataTable Widget from admin menu.
  2. Click on Add
  3. In the popup window:
    1. enter a name
    2. select target language (Table type can only be used on pages with this language)
    3. choose display options, either show all columns or only specific ones (with same column heading or different)
  4. Save 

With this table type above example table looks like following: