Facebook Page Events

Facebook Page Events
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Version 1.01
Author WannaCo
License: ImpressPages
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Display a Facebook's Page Events on your Website. Events not older than 2 weeks can still be displayed along with upcoming events.

The Page and events must be public. You should also check that the page has no age restriction either.


The Widget will display all past events not older than 2 weeks, and the upcoming events. The Events will show a default picture if you did not set a custom picture for the event in Facebook, otherwise you'll get the custom one.

Fields that will be listed: 

  1. Event Name
  2. Start time 
  3. End time
  4. Location
  5. Description

The event Name is a URL that will direct users to the Event in Facebook for a full detailed view.


  1.  Activate the Plugin once it has been purchased. 
  2. Choose background and Font Color
  3. Add your AppId
  4. Add your App secret
  5. Add your Facebook Page name
  6. Go to Edit the site and drop the widget where you wish to show the events

If the Facebook Page does not have any Events the widget will only be blank.

If you forgot to add either the AppID, App secret or Facebook Page name you'll get a message  if its in management state as shown in the image below.

Note: If you do not have an AppId or App secret, you must create a Facebook App at https://developers.facebook.com/


  1. Drag and Drop the widget.
  2. And that is it Events are displayed in your site.