Full Calendar

Full Calendar
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Version 1.12
Author DomoWebTI
License: ImpressPages
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Allows you to handle calendarized events on your web page, you can share events between different pages, add images to it and even have a small widget to show the upcoming events in different parts of your website.

This can be inserted as a regular page and browsed along the previous and upcoming months.

It requires you to first install the Date Form Field.

Currently supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Lituanian and Russian language.



  • All months are browsable back and forth
  • Has the option of going directly to another month or year with a dynamic select box (activated per calendar in options).
  • Upcoming Events list widget to allow users to see the following days calendar events
  • This list can also show events from all calendars or just an specific one.
  • Can assign a different color for each event.
  • Can show different calendars or to share all events from the same source.
  • The event description is shown when you hover over the text with a tooltip.
  • Every event can be linked to an specific page URL.
  • Allows users to include an image in the event description and it is shown inside the tooltip.
  • Available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Lituanian and Russian.
  • Can be loaded with or withouth ajax, if javascript is enabled loads all info asynchronously by default.

Roadmap (Future development)

  • A small calendar widget to show events highlights per day.
  • To have more skins / widgets to show events by week or day.
  • To make the events info also translatable.
  • More languages...


To install this plugin you must first download and install the Date Form Field plugin, that will allow you to use date like fields in other components and also inside any other grid plugins. 

After that just install as any regular plugin, it will create a widget that you can place on any of your pages, currently each Widget has it's own dates, but in the future you will be able to select whether to share events or to keep then individualy.


If you are upgrading from a previous version it is recommended to deactivate and then reactivate the plugin, it will check for any changes and update your database.  Nothing will be erased, so you can do it safely.