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Version 1.03
Author ImpressPages
License: MIT and LGPL
GIT [email protected]:impresspages-plugins/GridWidget.git
Downloads: 3715

Example plugin to build your own widgets. Use it when you think your widget's data could be comfortably edited using GRID interface.


This plugin is useful only after you do your customizations to it. Use it as a foundation to build your own plugin that has desired management fields and representation.

When you add this widget to the page, it's management panel opens:

After entering the data, the widget looks like this: 


Press install from admin interface or upload files and activate as usual.


First you have to change the database structure to the one you need. Use PhpMyAdmin or any other tool to do so. By default this plugin creates ip_grid_widget table. But it is up to you. You can modify the table name and all fields in Config.php file. Make sure you reflect these changes in the database. Use PhpMyAdmin or any other tool to do so.

At the end, modify Plugin/GridWidget/Widget/GridWidget/skin/default.php file HTML to anything you like.

Here you have widget with custom management panel and look by changing just few lines of code.