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Version 1.01
Author TB
License: MIT and LGPL
Downloads: 3600

Guestbook-plugin for ImpressPages with many features an options.


  • `Guestbook` management grid panel on the administration page.
  • Fully translated - german translation included
  • Pagination of guestbook-entries. Number of rows can be choosen in plugin or widget-options
  • Entries can be commented
  • Separation between installed languages in grid and widget (optional)
  • Language sensible check of new entries against badword-list. English and german badword-lists are included (optional)
  • Captcha in entry-form (optional)
  • Allow or disallow inserting of links in message-field
  • Replacing of Emotiocons in guestbook-view (optional)
  • WYSIWYG in entryform - Emoticons can directly inserted in message field via dropdown (optional)
  • A basic set of emoticions is inculded
  • Sending of email-notifications of new entries to website-administrator (optional)
  • New entries can be manually enabled to be shown at the website (optional)


  1. Upload `Guestbook` directory to your website's `Plugin` directory or install via Market.
  2. Go to `Plugins` panel, locate `Guestbook` plugin and click `activate` button.
  3. Check and set options at `Guestbook` plugins configuration page.
  4. Insert `Guestbook` widget at the page, where guestbook should be shown.


If you want to setup an multi-language-envirement, set option `Separate entries between languages` in configuration and insert `Guestbook` widget for each language.