Instagram Gallery

Instagram Gallery
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Version 1.00
Author WannaCo
License: ImpressPages
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Add your Instagram photos to your website. Great for Designers, Artists, Personal Blogs.

Responsive and integrated with either ColorBox (default litghbox) or the new MagnificPopup lightbox



1. Once purchased, enable the plugin.

2. You'll need a client ID in order to get your userID, so proceed to manage your Client applications, if don't have one already go ahead and create one.

3. Get the userID with this tool

4. When you have gathered both Client ID and userID you can finally get the accessToken by replacing the info in the following URL[CLIENT_ID_HERE]&redirect_uri=http://yourdomain.comt&response_type=token 

Notice that the part &redirect_uri= has avalue of you can use your own website to redirect the response and obtain the accessToken 

You Must uncheck the "Disable implicit OAuth" option or the accessToken will never be obtained through the browser as described above.

5. You may now fill in the userID and accessToken fields required to display the Instagram images in to your website

Finally chose you wheter you want the imges to have spacing or not, and how many images should be displayed and save changes. 

Warning!!! Keep in mind that Isntagram limits the number of API calls to 5000 per hour.

6. Now in the content editor section,Drag and Drop the widget where you prefer it.


If you want to add your Instagram images, this is the opportunity. Great gallery design with Lightbox integration.

Drag and Drop the Widget and enjoy displaying your images on your site.