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Version 1.00
Author TB
License: MIT and LGPL
Downloads: 2346

Provides facilities to retrieve keywords from pages and generate a alphabetical link list.


  • Gets keywords and description from page properties creates an alphabetically sorted list of keywords an pages
  • Fully translated - german translation included.
  • Reuse keywords and description of SEO-Section in page properties or use datafields of plugins keywordlist-section.
  • Include protected pages (optional).
  • Displaying of keywordlist respect languages of pages, where keywords are entered.
  • A-Z jumpmenu with namend anchors in top of keywordlist (espacially for large list). Can be optionally activitad in widget-options.
  • Show description as tooltip of linked pages in keywordlist (optional).
  • Keywords can displayed in up to four columns. The number of columns can be selected in widget-options.¬†


  1. Upload `Keywordlist` directory to your website's `Plugin` directory or install via Market.
  2. Go to `Plugins` panel, locate `Keywordlist` plugin and click `activate` button.
  3. Check and set options at `Keywordlist` plugins configuration page.
  4. Depending on selected option enter on or more keywords and as the case may be a description in page-properties.
  5. Insert `Keywordlist` widget at the page, where keywordlist should be shown.
  6. Set display-properties in keywordlist widget's options-popup