Masonry Grid

Masonry Grid
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Version 1.01
Author DomoWebTI
License: MIT and LGPL
GIT [email protected]:icampana/MasonryGrid.git
Downloads: 4109

Grid plugin that allows a user to add content with formatting like Pinterest using the Masonry JS Plugin.

Feel free to comment about issues and improvement.


 Sample gallery with masonry effect, you can order it any way you like.



Install as any regular plugin, either through the market or by downloading the plugin, unzipping and activating it.

Included libraries

It includes the Masonry Layout plugin version 3.2.2 and the ImagesLoaded library version v3.1.8 both with MIT License.


To use, just drag the component to any available area, then you can start adding image components by just clicking inside the selected area.  There are some simple configuration options available for each widget, you can specify the columns width, the gutter (separation space between each column) and indicate if the grid should try to use all the available space (mainly centering the content and controlling the gutter automatically).