Content Notification to subscribers

Content Notification to subscribers
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Version 1.01
Author PBS
License: ImpressPages
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NewContentNotification plugin for ImpressPages. As there is any change in any page content, subscriber will get notifications about that.

If we have setup twitter a/c then change also published on twitter itself. So all the follower knows about the site changes.


1. Upload `NewContentNotification` directory to your website's `Plugin` directory.
2. Login to the administration area.
3. Go to `Plugins` panel, locate `NewContentNotification` plugin and click `activate` button.


1. Open administration page and edit your webpage content.
2. Drag `NewContentNotification` widget to your content area.
3. Preview your webpage, enter sample e-mail address and click `Submit` button. As a result, success message is displayed.
4. To see the list of submitted e-mail addresses, open administration site, then open `NewContentNotification` grid panel, and click `Subscribers` tab.