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Version 1.05
Author WannaCo
License: MIT
Downloads: 17637

Responsive Image Slider Widget


Very handy responsive image slider. Three different views or skins are available:

  1. Skin with pager and navigation, with no captions.
  2. Neat slider with nothing but the images fading in and out, perfect for headers on your home page.
  3. Pager and navigation with captions, display at the bottom in the inner section of the slider. Captions are composed by the image title and description. 

The slider auto re-loads on every action, refreshing the browser is no longer needed.


  1. Log in to your sites administration area i.e
  2. Go to the menu and click on "Plugins"
  3. On the left upper corner click on the "+ Add" button.
  4. Now search for Slider and click "install"
  5. Return to the list of your Plugins and activate it.


Add as many slider galleries you need per page. The Slider is simple to use, with no controls, just select the desired view as shown in the video above, and Enjoy!!!