User Management and ACL

User Management and ACL
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Version 2.54
Author Arkol
License: ImpressPages
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Set of two components allowing a comprehensive user and ACL management in all website (portal) or even in individual pages.


Set of two components (plugins), based upon ImpressPages User, working together in order to get comprehensive user management in all website (portal) or even in individual pages.
From this solution we can create users, user group, access level for groups and even for isolated user.

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In the Plugin set zip file exists 02 folders and 01 file named User.php. The 2 folders are the plugins and the file User.php is an ImpressPages core modification need. The core file Ip/User.php needs be changed by this file attached (User.php).
Next, put both folders: UserManager and Restrictions in your plugin folder and install normally. It's necessary install only UserManager as the Restrictions will be automatically installed. 


After install, you access menu item User Manager (in ImpressPage Admin menu). When open it, you will see 4 menu items: GROUPS, USERS, EXCLUDE PERMANENTLY and RESTORE USER. Now you will only use GROUPS item. GROUPS really create access levels, starting from low to high (in natural order). I.E., the first created is the lowest and last is the highest level, like this: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3. Level 1 - the lowest; and Level 3 - the highest. The highest level may accessing the lowest. Any new user is created as lower level user whatsoever.

Here, planning and add yours level and that's all!

Next, go to menu item Restrictions (in ImpressPages Admin menu).  When open it, you will see 2 menu items: ACL FOR GROUPS and ACL FOR USERS. In this interface, you assign permissions/restrictions for levels (GROUPS) or for individuals (USERS). In both you have 3 information to pass: Rule Title, User, Pages. For GROUPS, User will refer to levels (GROUPS previously inserted) - Level 1, for instance. For USERS, User will refer to users only.

Resources assigned to USERS will only be accessed by those users. If they are assigned to GROUPS will be accessed by all higher groups (levels).

Besides pallet's widgets and usual way of Official ImpressPages User plugin, the easiest way to use the component set is call the slot 'uLinking' in any place of your theme header. For instance: echo ipSlot('uLinking');
Refer to Slot.php in plugin folder for a general view.  

If the below video isn't visible, follow the link: Plugin in action