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Version 1.01
Author WannaCo
License: ImpressPages
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Responsive Testimonials Carousel, with an alternative view of all testimonials.


 1. The Configuration section is simple, you only need to specify the "See All" testimonials text link in your language. The  default text is "See All".

3. Go check how your testimonial looks. And don't worry about mobile devices because it is responsive 

2. Adding testimonials is really easy. The interface is powered by the grid system where you can specify Title, Name, picture and the testimonial. 

 4. Here is the See All view.  It has smooth transitions and its also responsive


  1. Activate it
  2. Set the text of your " See All" testimonials if you need it in your own language.
  3. Go to the contect editor and drop the widget where you wish to place your testimonials. 
  4. Add the testimonilas and enjoy it